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Dolly Dizzy image

Dolly Dizzy

Strawberry Italian ice with a splash of coconut


Jitter Bug image

Jitter Bug

Blue Berry Italian Soda with a Boba twist


Cold Brew image

Cold Brew



Cup a' Joe image

Cup a' Joe

Fresh brewed coffee


Lattes image


Espresso Lattes with your choice of syrup


P.F.C image


Dry Irish Coffe


Seasonal Speacials

Dream Boat image

Dream Boat

Passion Tea Ice cream dream


Eager Beaver image

Eager Beaver

An exceptionally zealous person, one who habitually takes on more tasks or works harder than others. This Refreshing Cold brew with a splash of Lavender and Blue Raz will make you an Eager Beaver.


Mae West image

Mae West

A term used to discribe an inflatable rubber life-belt this refreshing drink will keep you afloat through the hot summer days.

Cold Brew Lavendar Lemonade


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