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Coffee with Stroopwafel


It's the Simple Pleasures in Life



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Find out where we are today

Our Story

How it began

In 2009 Robert and Linsey met through a chance meeting over coffee. She was the barista and he was the handsome businessman. Over the next year their love of coffee and for each other grew. As the story goes they were late to meet the Pastor for their wedding and even had the official paperwork done at a coffee shop in St. Augustine Florida. Over the years their children have taken followed in their mom's footsteps and become baristas themselves.  


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Our Passion

Family is our passion and coffee is our love.

After years of taste testing across the country , (through our many family vacations and moving) we wanted to be able to put down roots and create a family based business so we could maintain our passion and our loves.

In the little town of Chillicothe Ohio we feel that we have finally found home and a place we could set up shop, creating Chillicoffee the mobile coffee bar. In the quaint historic town we hope to be a part of the many seasonal events, weddings, family parties and more. We hope our passion can be shared with you in all of lifes occasions

Tin Kettle

Jump Start Your Day 


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